Raxio Data Centre unveils Liquid Telecom as a local Fibre carrier partner

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Who Are We?

Leading independent data, voice and IP provider in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa.

We supply wholesale Fibre optic, Satellite, International Carrier Services and Transactional Payment Solutions.

We also provide communications solutions, data storage for multi-national African businesses.

Our Background

A privately owned, independent company, founded in 2004 as a wholesale satellite internet carrier.

Launched a high-speed, cross-border fibre network linking Southern Africa to the rest of the world in 2009.

Mauritius-based holding company with wholesale, enterprise & retail brands in 15 locations across Africa & beyond.

Planned infrastructure growth through build-out and acquisition.

Largest single-provider network in Africa, with over 40,000kms across Southern, Eastern & Central Africa.

Why Liquid for Government Entities

Liquid Telecom has Multiple diverse inland routes with protection

Fully redundant sub-sea cables systems. Connections to 5 Undersea cables, Teams, Eassy, Seacom, WACs and Sat3.

Fully owned IP Transit with less than 50ms switching latency. This gives reduction in time for maintenance

NOCs in Uganda and Converged NOCs between Kenya, S.Africa, Zimbabwe and London. This provides real time monitoring. There is an Eastern border through Tororo to 2nd POP in Kampala and a 2nd redundant link through Rwanda and Tanzania to the East African Coast

24/7 Technical Support and Customer Care support/management

Capability to provide capacity above the subscribed link

Our Fibre Connectivity Map

  • One Network
  • The largest cross-border single fibre network in Africa
  • Fully redundant routes.
  • Open-access
  • Active connections to 5 sub-sea cables
  • Automatic route protection for Layer 2 and Layer 3 services
  • SLA commitments for the region

Our East African Fiber Network

The partnership with Raxio Data Centre offers a platform for our wholesale operating partners who can exploit our fibre presence at this data centre to build the next generation of communications and make innovation possible, anytime, anywhere. Liquid Telecom’s presence at this facility will enable real-time remote collaboration, improved business efficiency and lower costs – ultimately driving growth in the Ugandan economy. 

Dennis Kahindi 

Chief Executive Officer, Liquid Telecom

Liquid Telecom is what is classified as a Carriers’ Carrier. They, in effect, provide wholesale fibre capacity to other providers. However, they also have a huge presence for Metro Service extension and ambition to get into homes. This makes them a strong partner for Raxio Data Centre since all the customers they serve will in one way or another need access to services hosted in Raxio Data Centre. Enterprises, Carriers, ISPs, Telecommunication companies and home users will all benefit from the Liquid Telecom infrastructure to connect to services hosted at Raxio Data Centre.

A network is only as good as the content it can carry, for this we are happy to complete the puzzle with Liquid Telecom

James Byaruhanga, 

General Manager Raxio Data Centre