Raxio DC News

Today’s Modern Data Centre needs to address the owners’ main concern of constant increase in storage, processing requirements that may affect rack densities and the MEP (mechanic, electrical and plumbing) infrastructure, while also ensuring its infrastructure is easily repeatable and adjustable so that future modules can be added in a seamless fashion.

In order to stay ahead of future IT cable installations and maintenance, Raxio Data Centre (RDC) has strategically installed gangways into its facilities as a long-term solution to provide easy access to the TATE ceiling, which will be suspended and supported off the gangways.

A gangway is a walkway or clear path that enables individuals to move from one side to another, and at RDC, this walkway platform has been placed overhead as a path to get to the Tate-ceiling, a distribution system for power and data cabling.

With the overhead gangways, there is greater long-term flexibility to access the cable distribution system to shift, lift and install cabling that a customer needs to replace or remove; and since these functions are taking place overhead, disruptions to work operations taking place below are not halted or affected.

The installment of gangways at Raxio Data Centre is just one of the many strategic and innovate long term solutions made by the company to ensure that current and predicted capacity needs of clients for uninterrupted services are met without grossly over sizing the Data Centre.