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Fire suppression systems are used to extinguish fire by releasing a balanced concentration of gas within a particular room, removing high levels of oxygen that fuel the fire, and then, extinguishing fire quickly.

Inert Gas (IG), also at times known as a gaseous fire suppression or clean agent fire suppression is a type of fire suppression system which is known as one of the most environmentally safe and friendly methods to suppress and extinguish fire. 

There different types of gases that can be used as an IG fire suppression solution, but IG-55, an extinguishing agent of a mixture of 50% argon and 50% nitrogen, is both ecologically and environmentally harmless since both gases are naturally found in the atmosphere.

IG-55 is widely accepted as the best performing, environmentally clean fire suppression solution which is highly suitable for data centres, communication and server rooms due to the fact that this fire suppression solution is able to efficiently reduce the level of oxygen concentration required for fire combustion from 21% to 14% , and additionally, ensures the  safe evacuation of people in situations whew they may still be within the room at the time of the fire.

In case of a fire outbreak within a particular room, this clean agent (IG-55), reduces the concentration of oxygen in the room, but only to a level (14%), that is suitable for occupants to still breath without suffocating, and without the risk of chemical pollution/poisoning.  The colorless and odorless element of the argon and nitrogen gas also enables clear visibility for occupants to quickly evacuate the room(s) affected by fire.

The IG-55 fire suppression solution also ensures that there is minimal damage to electronic and electrical systems within the rooms in the facility. This solution leaves no residue after discharge, so cleanup is quick and easy to do.

The IG-55 fire suppression solution is cost effective and recommended for different classes of hazards i.e. class A,B and C, mainly because this system floods the room in less than 1 minute, offers extended hold times once discharged and protects both electrical and electronic materials within data centres.

Downtime and costs incurred after the fire outbreak is significantly reduced, and  business is able to resume quickly once the fire is contained and extinguished by the IG-55 fire suppression solution.